Dymond creates a wide range of consumer electronics

By combining great research and user friendly design with competitive prices,
Dymond makes quality affordable for everyone.

Some of our featured products :

  • LED Battery Floodlight 10W

    LED Battery Floodlight 10W

    The Dymond Battery Floodlight 10W is a versatile light solution for multiple applications: For jobs in and around the house, office, warehouse, etc… & as an “emergency” light (f.e: during camping trips, power failure, while moving, …)

  • Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

    Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

    This Bluetooth® speaker with LED Light is a wireless stereo speaker with colorful dancing LED Lights that offers up to 6 hours non-stop music!

  • Portable Bluetooth Soundbar

    Portable Bluetooth Soundbar

    The Portable Bluetooth Soundbar turns your PC, laptop , table/phone or mobile device into a stereo sound system and lets you experience your favorite music, movies or TV shows everywhere!

  • USB LED Light – DUL2

    USB LED Light – DUL2

    Set of 2 flexible USB LED Lights to light your keyboard, desk or reading area.